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The FCC allows only eleven companies to do actual license "coordination" which is required by the FCC.  Lone Peak Licensing is not a coordinator; but rather, an FCC licensing company.  We take care of all of the data entry, we interface with the dealer or customer and we also interface with the coordinators.  It may help to think of us like an experienced accountant – we make intimidating tasks appear effortless.


We use different coordinators for different reasons.  Some coordinators can only do Public Safety licenses, for example, while others focus on business licenses.  Also, we usually know when certain coordinators are on vacation or which coordinator is submitting work the quickest.  This increases your odds of getting applications submitted to the FCC in a timely manner.  We will select the best coordinator for your particular licensing needs.


The following is a list of coordinators that the FCC has approved for coordinating licenses:




  • FIT - Forest Industries Telecommunications

  • MRFAC – Manufacturer’s Radio Service

  • PCIA – Personal Communications Industry Association

  • AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

  • AAR – American Association of Railroads

  • IMSA – International Municipal Signal Association

  • APCO – Association of Public Safety Communications Officials

  • FCCA – Forestry Conservation Communications Association

  • AAA – American Automobile Association

  • UTC – United Telecom Council

  • EWA – Enterprise Wireless Alliance



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