Lone Peak Licensing, LLC is a full-service license preparation team available to assist any non-Federal applicants throughout the United States and in any U.S. Territory with FCC licensing.


We can help you create an FCC license, modify an FCC license, know when to renew a license, and even suggest things to improve your license. We are also able to prepare required pleadings and waivers.


We submit applications for all types of entities - golf courses, department stores, public safety departments, hospitals, farms, water departments, paging systems, transportation companies, etc.  In fact, we have yet to discover a commercial industry for which we cannot provide a license!


Because 99% of any FCC license filings today occur online, our proximity to the FCC is irrelevant; however, if you're curious, we operate our business based in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah, in view of a majestic mountain called, "Lone Peak" - which is part of the Rocky Mountain range.

You, as our customer, are our top priority.  Our goal is to make FCC licensing feel painless.  Do you have an upcoming renewal, for example?  We think you shouldn’t have to worry about missing that 90-day window of opportunity, so we created a database where you can tell us all the call signs you want us to monitor (free of charge).  Then, when the license is eligible for renewal, we can tell you that it’s ready to be renewed.  The result?  You can spend your time and mental energy running your business without worrying about FCC licensing.  You can leave that kind of worrying to us.


We have a high level of attention to detail so we consistently get things right the first time.  Also, we do our best to respond to any inquiries and resolve any issues as quickly as possible - or as we like to call it:  at the speed of business.

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